Ansys Simulation Picked by NuScale Power for Nuclear Technology

NuScale used Ansys to design and validate the engineering and safety of its small modular reactor under regulatory requirements.

NuScale used Ansys to design and validate the engineering and safety of its small modular reactor under regulatory requirements,

NuScale Power’s VOYGR-6 standard plant design. Image courtesy of NuScale Power.

Nuclear technology company NuScale Power integrates Ansys simulation solutions to help NuScale design the NPM (NuScale Power Module), the first small modular reactor approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Designed with insight from Ansys’ multiphysics simulation solutions, the NuScale SMR can safely supply carbon-free energy for electrical generation, district heating, water desalinization, commercial-scale hydrogen production, and other process heat applications, according to Ansys.

NuScale used Ansys thermal and structural analysis solutions as part of NuScale’s process for designing a fully passive safety system in which reactors will shut down and self-cool, without any operator or computer action, AC or DC power, or the addition of water. NuScale engineers used Ansys solutions to determine velocities and temperatures for conjugate heat transfer and assess thermal stress and dynamic vibration. NuScale engineered its design to mitigate or eliminate safety issues.

The NRC’s approval of NuScale’s design allows utilities to leverage the already approved product when applying for a combined license to build and operate a nuclear power plant. NuScale expects to deploy its SMR technology in the U.S. and Europe by the end of the decade, advancing nuclear energy solutions globally and across industries.

The SMR will also benefit other sustainable energy solutions. For example, NuScale’s technology can provide the process heat energy at the conditions needed to cost-effectively chemically separate hydrogen from oxygen at scale to create green hydrogen.

“NuScale is revolutionizing the energy industry by creating a power source that is smarter, cleaner, safer, and cost competitive,” says Carl Fisher, chief operating officer at NuScale Power. “SMRs must meet NRC requirements for structural integrity and safety, which demand complex, accurate, and reliable calculations with the highest level of quality assurance.”

“This is a milestone achievement for NuScale, the nuclear energy sector, and global energy market as a whole,” says Walt Hearn, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer excellence at Ansys. “Ansys is committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions and this is a remarkable example of how we can leverage the predictive insights of simulation to create a cleaner future.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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