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Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing

One Market, Ste. 400
San Francisco, California, 94105
United States of America
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Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver better products faster, at lower cost, and with less waste. Autodesk is driving the development of future design and manufacturing technology to help you accelerate product development and deliver superior customer experiences.

Manufacturing related products include: Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, Inventor, Fusion 360, and AutoCAD.

Autodesk Products

Generative design is an exploration tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simultaneously generate multiple solutions based on real-world design goals, product performance requirements, and manufacturing constraints. Learn how it can change your company.

By using generative design technology, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) was able to shed an additional 4.8 kilograms (10.5 lbs) for the latest iteration of the car. While about 40 parts of the car have been 3D-printed, the wheels have been fabricated on a conventional 5-axis mill.

Hyundai Motor Group is pushing the boundaries of vehicle development and reimagining how vehicles might traverse the world. In a collaboration with product innovation studio Sundberg-Ferar, the team sought to answer the question, “What if cars could walk?”

Generative design allows you to simultaneously generate multiple CAD-ready options based on real-world manufacturing constraints and product performance requirements. Try generative design today and see how manufacturers are developing lighter, stronger, and more innovative products.

Autodesk in the News

Built on the Autodesk Design & Make Platform, Fusion industry cloud is designed to transform product design and manufacturing by unifying workflows, Autodesk reports.

AM technology is finally primed for production-grade parts while new software enables more seamless design-to-print workflows.

AI-powered simulation and natural language input poised to become the norm.

Collaboration with simulation experts can lead to more sustainable design outcomes.

AU 2023 puts the spotlight on AI-powered design and simulation tools from AI

Student Competition: F1 in Schools

HP integrates key design and process engineering software with Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet offerings for wider accessibility.

The companies showcased the direct implicit model import at Formnext 2023.

As engineering design tools and methods advance, so does the toy industry in the design and production of toy products.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents a Company of the Year award to the organization that shows excellence in growth strategy and implementation in its field.

3D printing promises a new level of creativity and customization for toys while enabling on-demand production.

Ideate Automation, which does not consume any Autodesk Cloud Credits, can be used to schedule the opening of large Revit files.

Release contains improved cloud features, multi-run improvements and enhanced engine stability.

Availability of customized medical devices and orthotics improves with advanced engineering design and fabrication.

CAM Assist uses advanced computer science techniques to generate professional machining strategies for 3-axis parts in seconds. 

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