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Acuity Inc

514 NW 11th Ave, Suite 201
Portland, Oregon, 97209
United States of America

Acuity has been a Siemens PLM reseller for 20+ years. We are a start-up at heart, always looking for new ways to help our customers improve their CAD/CAM/PLM environments. Our team acts like a family and that is how we prefer to view our customers. Yes, my brother and I are twins and we work well together. Joe is the brain behind our operations and I'm in charge of our strategic direction. Sarah Majors is our key sales executive and handles a majority of our business in the aerospace industry, Chris Trina has recently been added to our team as a new Territory manager handling our growing business in CA. We are extremely fortunate to have a team of brilliant application engineers in Andy Schaefers, Pat Kennedy, Brian Garcia, and Ron St. Denis; all are experts in their own field and valuable assets to Acuity and our customers.